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Have you got a puncture and you don’t have a spare tyre with you?

Don’t you want to call an expensive recovery truck just because of this?

Or simply don’t you have any time to change the tyres on your car?

If you are in the same situation then you are on the right page!



Tyre repairing/servicing on the scene

Restriction is not the way to go in our profession! We are flexible and universal when it is about service. We will rush to your aid in any part of the country or carry out services at a pre-arranged time, even in your home. If your tyre needs to be mended or replaced and you don’t want to wait until it let you down on the highway, feel free to contact us!

Battery Sprint – the immediate help

Flat battery.... The problem is known! Unfortunately, it occurs not only in the winter season when the strain drops, but also in the summer time if your battery is old or when the generator is not charging. It’s annoying when the car doesn’t start. You’re just in a hurry or you just stop in the middle of the road. That’s the time when you feel life also stops! Even then, our team will rush to your aid as soon as possible. We will start your car, charge your battery, or replace it if the diagnosis justifies it. One for sure! We’ll go and solve it!

Repair of the puncture-resistant tyre

The essence of puncture-resistant tyres is that they can cover a certain distance (60-80 km) at a lower speed (max. 80 km/h) even without the air pressure in the tyre. It can be good if someone just wants to go to the next gas station so they don’t have to wait for help on the side of a highway or motorway in despair. When one escapes such a situation, he is grateful for it and wants if he has a well-functioning puncture-resistant tyre in the long run. Repairing it in this case is a very good option. We also undertake this to keep you safe at all times!

General car service

Although our main profile is the mobile tyre service, but we won’t let you down even if your vehicle goes unruly or gives up its service! We’ll provide a solution to every problem, so you can feel free to contact us even if a general technical problem has hit your head. If this has happened to you, please contact us and we will discuss the details.

Wheel balancing

Its explanation is very simple, it is physics! If the common weight point of the combined structure of the wheel body and the tyre does not fall within the geometric centre of the structure, then the wheel will act as an excentre, i.e. it will vibrate during rotation, which is dangerous in both short and long term. Proper use of the tyre is the key of the safe travel. Up for repair!

Valve replacement

The function of the valve is as simple as 1x1! If it does not work properly, or it is faulty or damaged, it means that the tyre will become flat; it will be leaking and resulting in a constant fault phenomenon; constant standing at gas stations and other technical damages caused by flat tyres. Its good function is as important as the presence of a flawless transmission.

Tyre Hotel

The alternation of seasonal clothing is not only present in people’s lives organically. We also need to pay attention to “dressing up” our car. As the seasons’ change, so does the equipment of our vehicle, especially with regard to tyres needs to pay attention. Summer tyres are replaced by winter tyres and winter tyres by summer tyres. And it is not always possible to store tyres properly locally. We need a professional help in this case too! Our Tyre Hotel gives you the uplifting feeling of taking care of this problem and storing your equipment all year round. Professional treatment for your tyres! Just comfortably! Entrust us with the work!


We charge a fee of 200ft / km from site to site!

The indicated prices do not include VAT!!

Tyre service

Steel rim 13” – 14”

3 750 Ft/pcs

Steel rim 15” –

3 850 Ft/pcs

Steel rim for pickup, 4×4

4 000 Ft/pcs

Alloy wheel 13” – 14”

3 850 Ft/pcs

Alloy wheel 15” – 17” 

4 250 Ft/pcs

Alloy wheel 18” – 20”

4 500 Ft/pcs

Alloy wheel 21” – 24”

5 000 Ft/pcs

Lorry / Bus tyre service

        30 000 Ft/pcs        

Materials, other services


300 Ft/pcs

Bead sealing

500 Ft/pcs

In case of puncture-resistant tyre

+ 500 Ft/pcs

Tyre packing

500 Ft/pcs

Delivery of used tyre

1 000 Ft/pcs

Parking and deep garage,where we can’t go in

+ 3 000 Ft/pcs

Minimum price of service car

15 000 Ft  

Night extra charge (20:00-06:00)

15 000 Ft


From 21 000 Ft


+10 000 Ft

The indicated prices do not include VAT!! 

Tyre service

Steel rim 13” – 14”                                              3 750 Ft/pcs

Steel rim 15” –                                                     3 850 Ft/pcs

Steel rim for pickup, 4×4                                  4 000 Ft/pcs

Alloy wheel 13” – 14”                                        3 850 Ft/pcs

Alloy wheel 15” – 17”                                         4 250 Ft/pcs

Alloy wheel 18” – 20”                                         4 500 Ft/pcs

Alloy wheel 21” – 24”                                        5 000 Ft/pcs

        Lorry / Bus tyre service                                  30 000 Ft/pcs       

Materials, other services

Valve                                                                    300 Ft/pcs

Bead sealing                                                       500 Ft/pcs

In case of puncture-resistant tyre               + 500 Ft/pcs

Tyre packing                                                       500 Ft/pcs

Delivery of used tyre                                       1 000 Ft/pcs

Parking and deep garage, where we can’t go in + 3000 Ft/pcs

Minimum price of service car                        15 000 Ft  

Night extra charge (20:00-06:00)                   15 000 Ft                          

Misfueling                                               From 21 000 Ft

Weekend/Holiday                                          +10 000 Ft

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Frequently Asked Questions

For easy professional orientation, it is advisable to know what anything means! We provide a little visual help for this. Here is a diagram of the signs:

One of the most common reasons for changing tyres is extremely simple. They wear out. Whether it is an already present problem is easy to find out: if warranted by the wear indicators in the middle of the tread and the height of the tyre layer reaches the top of the wear indicator, replacement is definitely needed. These are tiny protrusions at the base of the grooves or tread pattern.

We want to reassure everyone: if you store your summer tyres during the winter time, they will stay in perfect condition deep in the garage or basement by the time you need them again.

We haven’t even heard this question! Winter traffic is always more precarious than summer, the surface always provides less traction in winter than in summer, regardless of road conditions (wet, snowy, icy). At temperatures below 7 °C, the performance of the summer tyre deteriorates, so you have to switch to a winter tyre.

Winter tyres drain the water under the tread, reducing the risk of slipping. In addition, its tread is more grooved, making it safer to grip. The winter tyre is made of a rubber mixture of silica dioxide, thanks to which it retains its flexibility even in the cold and provides more effective braking.

This is a completely security issue!

If the first 2 axles are replaced, the car can easily be “skidded” as it is unbalanced. If we take the inverse of this, the vehicle may become completely under steered when cornering and go straight ahead…

Neither is good! Make the vehicle well equipped! In many cases, life is at stake!

If you find that the car is shaking above a certain speed while driving, it should be balanced. Failure to do so may cause the tyres to wear out. Care must also be taken when balancing or replacing tyres.

Not necessarily. If the damage does not exceed the limit, the tyre can be repaired. However, it is very important for the mechanic to deal with the problem in time, as this is the only way to prevent further damage of the tyre. If the tyre can no longer be repaired, a replacement will be performed.

Of course. In addition to service work, we also deal with sales. In our offer, quality is not an issue.

You can pay by cash or credit card on site. In case of rescue outside the border of Budapest, the disembarkation fee must be paid in advance.

The minimum disembarkation fee for the service car is HUF 12,500.

The waiting time depends on where we need to go and whether we have free capacity. This is always agreed upon when ordering.

It is the best if you save the contacts, which you can find under the “Contact” tab, on your mobile phone now and if you get in trouble, a quick phone call and we will say what to do! This is the fastest way to find a solution! Don’t think you’re a professional; don’t stand on the side of the road to solve the problem! Call and our professional staff will do that!

Of course! We are professional and trained car mechanics; we can find solutions to all problems! Just contact us at one of our contact details and we will negotiate!

About us

Welcome everyone on my site. I am Theodoros Georgopoulos, owner of Thermo Theo Kft.

I could say I’m just a car mechanic who loves his job, but I think this is so much more! The love of profession and cars has accompanied me in my life and my career so far, and I am not exaggerating when I say I am a lover of my work.

Our company was established in 2011, initially mainly for international freight.

Then, proving our universality, we wanted to grow, expand, and evolve because we thought it was the only way to keep up and provide professional, comprehensive service today. Based on this, we have expanded our activities to repair our own vehicle base, and now we have built tyre replacement and servicing for our fleet and other vehicles with a confident pool of experience and knowledge and even greater child enthusiasm.

Our services include a myriad of activities, taking care of all the criteria and expectations that are present within this profession.

Thus, we can say that today we provide mobile tyre replacement for cars, vans and trucks, and we have already included it in our long-term plans to have our own official car repair workshop.

We are full of plans, determination and the confidence to build one of the most efficient and accessible car mechanic base in the country!

Contact us with that confidence and enthusiasm with which we spend our busy everyday lives!


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